Passover is the first Festival on the list of God’s Appointed Times in Leviticus 23. Passover is a celebration of the First Redemption, when God redeemed Israel out of her slavery to Egypt, and is a time to look forward to the Second Redemption when Messiah will return to reign as King over the entire earth. Passover encompasses the period when Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. By celebrating Passover, we declare His death and resurrection until He returns. Passover is a time to remove leaven from our homes and sin from our lives. It is a time to celebrate and remember freedom, salvation and miraculous redemption.


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Other Resources

The White Paper


Our Whitepaper is a summary of this festival. It includes a description, scripture references, traditions, etc. This is a free PDF download.



Passover Siddur


For the 2015 Passover season, we will have complete a Passover Siddur. We will offer both a free downloadable version and a full-color, bound edition that can be purchased.

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